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Quality Assurance (translation and translators)


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If you're running an agency you know that quality is often a tricky topic involving different parties: the translator, the client, your PMs, the standards and guidelines set by external bodies, even business practices. We will learn how to put all these aspects together, what is the best strategy and how to use the available tools such as CAT tools, Excel, testing, sharing feedback, training and more.
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Translation quality standards and assurance are key to deliver the quality your client is expecting, but also an ethical form of business quality assurance that sets and maintains transparency, knowledge and innovation practices between the translator, the agency and the people working with the agency.

More than just an 'editing' step within the translation processes, quality represents the union of efforts, business knowledge and knowledge bringing the agency, the freelancers and the client together and having consequences on the way the end customer/user perceives texts, brands and contents.

In this webinar we will see what is quality assurance and how to use the tools that agency can acquire to implement it. From training, feedback, translation services, resources management, tools and standards, external bodies and organisations, to what to when your agency is facing quality issues, how to fix issues with the translators and the client, we will explore the world of quality assurance in the translation world.

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June 08, 2017

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Sara Colombo - Sara is a qualified En-Fr-Sp>Italian translator with 6 years of experience within the marketing, business and CE/medical devices fields backed by relevant working experience in the marketing industry. She is also the author of the book ‘Balance Your Words. Stepping in the translation Industry’ and a blogger at www.saracolombotranslations.com. A marketer by heart, Sara loves to use social media to connect with peers but also to find new markets and niches. To get in touch with her connect through Twitter (@sc_translations), LinkedIn (Sara Colombo), Facebook (Sara Colombo Translations) or visit her blog!

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