A Freelancer's Time Management System


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Learning Objectives

You will get information of different techniques that can be combined to make the personal time management system work. You will also learn additional skills that will help you following your own business path.


Freelancers have to take care of each and every business activity, even if they work only for themselves and have no employees. Administration sometimes tends to take over a lot work time and it is necessary to have a good balance between the work you earn money with and the administrative work (that is necessary to earn money). Not to forget one tends to have a private life as well, which can be also quite absorbing.
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This course is made to give an introduction about different aspects and techniques of time management, showing several approaches how to get things done in time and feeling good to have the control over all your different important tasks as a freelancer.

Upload Date

February 21, 2013

Trainer Bio

Desiree Staude - I have worked for over 21 years as an employed bilingual secretary for various corporations including ANZ Bank, the legal firm Oppenhoff & Rädler and KPMG; I have also served as a project assistant for both AT&T and Lufthansa Systems. I started to work as a part-time freelance translator in 2008. In 2011, I founded my own company in order to work full-time as a freelancer and enjoy an ever more diversified working life.

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Leandro Odero
almost 7 years ago

This is an excellent video. Managing our time well is really important to succeed not just as translators, but also in all the areas of our lives. Thank you Desiree!

Linda Karssies
over 7 years ago

Desiree tells us that the time spend getting and staying organised in our (working) lives is well spent. A good course. Thank you.

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