Before Starting as a Freelance Translator


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The video deals with freelancing and, specifically, freelance translation starting from the initial steps (assessing one's suitability for freelancing, taking first steps, etc.) essential for beginners to sophisticated topics like viability of outsourcing or starting a translation agency.
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The session will deal with the freelance environment, including general description of the scope of responsibilities (and their comparison vs. inhouse position); the negative aspects of freelancing; psychological implications; consequences for health; and, as opposed, the benefits, such as possibility to manage one’s workload and income, shift one’s working time and adjust schedule, etc. We'll also try to have a look at common perception of (translation) freelancing and see if it's true or wrong. The ultimate purpose of the session is to provide information to potential freelancers so they could make perfectly informed decisions, whether negative or positive. This video is part of a series of webinars on Internet Freelancing ran by Oleg Rudavin, successful freelancer, moderator and trainer.

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April 29, 2009

Trainer Bio

Oleg rudavin - Interpreter and translator with over 20 years’ experience. member since 2003, Professional Trainer and Conference Speaker. Translator of more than 30 books and seven authored books, including Internet Freelancing: Practical Guide for Translators.

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Marieta McCune
10 months ago

The presentation stalled at around the 47 th. minute, but other than that I heard a lot of practical and realistic info, which I can not read in a text book for instance. I like the fact that he is not sugar coating any of the aspects of freelancing! I personally needed to hear this info.

Maria Araujo
over 3 years ago

It's okay. Low quality for presentation, sound and volume.

Almudena G
over 4 years ago

Contents and materials are right, but the sound quality of the video is not very good, and the volumeis too low.

Federica Pierantozzi
over 4 years ago

Some topics surprised me and it was a pleasant surprise! I would recommend anyone to attend this course and get surprised.

Anwar Dyfan
almost 5 years ago

The material is very good because you can see many examples to understand the subject.

Nina Clancy
almost 5 years ago

This was recorded over 6 years ago and we all know that technology has progressed rapidly since then and so I would have apprcaited a bit moe up to date version. general content of course was still relevant.

over 5 years ago

I had previous experience as a freelancer, so most of the material covered I had already experienced. I could see where this would be very usefu for a complete novice.

User Avatar
over 6 years ago

Too basic. Nothing you didn't know already.

Naweed Miakhel
over 7 years ago


Miriam C Delgado
over 7 years ago

The course gave an excellent overview of the pros and cons of freelance translating.

Joanna Coryndon
almost 8 years ago

I believe the course covered all the areas that anyone who is thinking about a career in translation needs to consider and gave a realistic picture of the advantages and disadvantages of life as a freelance translator. I particularly appreciated that the trainer shared his personal experience of working too hard at one point in his career and the health implications it had. The content was delivered in a very 'human' way and made the profession seem accessible and possible even if one might not have all the skills to be both an exceptional translator and an exceptional business person. I see that the presentation was originally made in 2009 and I would be interested to know whether the trainer thinks the industry has changed much since then and whether he believes everything he said then is still pertinent and accurate today, in 2013.

about 8 years ago

Detailed presentation with personal experience applied both to freelance and in-house jobs. It also includes theoretical concepts applied to freelance work and gives a good insight into this type of profession.

User Avatar
about 8 years ago

Very clear presentation with useful information.

James Perry
about 8 years ago


over 8 years ago

It gave me an understanding of this business. Good place to start.

almost 9 years ago

The course was well organised and had very clear goals of calling attention of freelancers to be about what to expect from their careers and all the pitfalls that might cross one's way.

over 9 years ago

I think Oleg has thoroughly discussed the issues encountered by freelance translators not only in the beginning but also later on in their activity. I feel I have learned many details about the main aspects concerning a freelance translator's life, which I find very important especially now, when I am trying to 'launch myself' on this market. Thank you very much, Oleg!

almost 10 years ago

Since I have been a freelance translator for quite some time, there was very little new knowledge for me. Nonetheless, it helped me gain perspective on the pros and cons of freelancing, and realize how important this knowledge is for those who are condirering making the transition between being employees and becoming full time independent freelancers.

User Avatar
about 10 years ago

This material was very beneficial to me and I love that it is on demand so I can constantly refer back to it.

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