Free and inexpensive productivity tools - part 2


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An introduction to several free or very inexpensive software tools for Windows that will make each translator's life much easier.
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Learn how to increase your productivity with several free or very inexpensive software tools for Windows.

Based on his own experience, freelance translator Hynek Palatin will introduce 5 extremely useful tools that you can start using immediately to:
  • Access Google Translate directly from most Windows applications
  • Organize frequently used text snippets and save keystrokes by expanding text abbreviations
  • Find a better way to manage your passwords than those yellow sticky notes around your monitor
  • Redefine shortcut keys and automate frequent tasks in your translation environment
  • Search your bilingual translation files, glossaries and translation memories instantly
  • Upload Date

    January 27, 2011

    Trainer Bio

    Hynek Palatin - Hynek is a freelance translator specialized in IT. He holds a degree in computer science from Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. He lives in Prague with his wife and daughter.

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    Catherine Howard
    almost 8 years ago

    Exceptionally useful material presented -- I tried out all of the tools that Hynek presented and found that they all helped boost my productivity, a few of them *dramatically* so.

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