How to Become a Successful Financial Translator?


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Learning Objectives

After attending this course, you will know useful tools to specialise in a highly requested sector, to promote yourself as financial translator in a very dynamic market. You will be able to identify the main difficulties of financial translation. You can also attend other translation webinars I am preparing dedicated to specific topics of finance and economics.


How do you become a financial translator and work for banks, investment companies and international corporations?
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Specialising in a high-demand sector such as finance and economics is a great opportunity for a translator.
This one-hour webinar will introduce you to financial translation.
  • Which type of documents will you translate?
  • Who are the main clients of a financial translator?
  • How do you become a financial translator?
  • How can you develop expertise and style?
  • Which are the main criticalities of this specialisation?
  • You cannot translate financial texts if you do not know economic and financial basic mechanisms
  • Examples of translated materials and terminology.

Upload Date

April 28, 2016

Trainer Bio

Francesca Airaghi - Francesca Airaghi is an English-Italian financial translator. In 1992, she graduated and started working as in-house translator, proofreader and Translation Manager at two Milan-based companies specialising in finance, corporate law and journalism. As responsible for quality control and internal staff, she selected, coordinated and trained in-house and free-lance translators through mentoring and courses. Since 2004 she has been a free-lance translator and works directly with financial companies, asset management companies, investment funds, banks, financial communication companies, law firms and international corporations for specialised translations. She is also a trainer in financial translation courses and webinars. Speaker at the 2014 International Translators’ conference in Rotterdam. Website: Blog: Twitter: @FranAiraghi Facebook: Financial Translation Hub

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User Avatar
10 months ago

Buongiorno Francesca,
Grazie per questo corso, molto interessante.
I suoi consigli pratici mi sembrano preziosi, sono regolarmente confrontata al problema della produtivitĂ  che limita la mia crescita professionale, penso che il metodo GTD mi potra aiutare a riguardo.
Lei parla di un handoutnel soros, me lo gentimente mandare?

almost 2 years ago

I wish the instructor provided information on any specific software financial translator might be interested in using

Ben Harrison
over 3 years ago

Some good material and useful tips in there.

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