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Website widgets & social networking
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Do you have your own website? It is now possible for you to use ProZ.com website widgets to engage more deeply with your visitors.

Three widgets are being released, to start. The first, intended to help you market your services, enables you to show your recent ProZ.com “What I am working on” entries to your site visitors, so they get a sense of the type of work you handle. The next, designed for networking, makes it possible for colleagues to “Follow” you. The third, related to customer engagement, enables outsourcers who visit your site and who happen to be ProZ.com users, to save you to their vendor management lists at ProZ.com, so that they will remember you whether they come back to your website or not.

You can imagine these widgets coming in handy in two scenarios. In the first, a person searches Google for a translator and arrives at your website. They know nothing about ProZ.com and don’t need to… but ProZ.com services are working for you, behind the scenes, to help you connect with that customer. In the second scenario, we can imagine a person using ProZ.com jumping off from your profile to your website, and deciding to “save” or “follow” you based on the content on your website. They can do this without needing to return to ProZ.com. In this way, the potential customer or colleagues connects with you thanks to a seamless experience that spans both ProZ.com and your own website. In this scenario, as a Plus subscriber you are able to present yourself in a more customized and more compelling way.

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November 17, 2016

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