Setting the Rules for Handling Projects in memoQ


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In this course, the focus will be on how to set up different options in memoQ so as to handle different file types, such as .doc, .xls, .html, .idml, etc.
properly. Explanation will be given on how to use various filters available in order to deal with different text markups. Resource console will be explained.
You will learn how to best prepare your projects before you even start working on them. Each case will be dealt with practically, with examples.

We will follow a life cycle of documents processed with memoQ and explain in more detail the following options:
  • Segmentation rules (defining your own rules to better match the specifics of the source language and improve translation memory results)
  • Numbers – how to deal with different number formats
  • Filters (markup text is dealt with easily with proper filters. Setting the right ones and saving your preferences for future use or sharing)
  • Term base options – detailed look (term extraction feature, multiple term bases, entering new terms, importing bilingual glossaries)
  • Translation memories and LiveDocs – options, similarities, differences, how to make the best of them
  • Translating only specific columns in Excel files
  • Setting the string length (useful when translating online ads, banners, etc.)

Upload Date

December 13, 2012

Trainer Bio

Cedomir Pusica - Independent translator and interpreter, native in Serbian and working with English, Spanish and Italian. Owner and manager of Bel Translations. Married and father of Lukas. Currently living in Italy. Cedomir graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade in 2004 and holds BA in English Language and Literature. He has been in the translation business as of the date of graduation, working both freelance and in-house. Ultimately, his interests have swayed him more towards the language industry knowledge base development and sharing and it is his aim to give to the community of fellow translators his systematic approach to matters while developing continuously.

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