Starting As A Freelance Translator: Freelance Translator's Career Development


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It will help translators to set long-term goals and streamline the implementation process as well as warn them against typical errors in building their career as freelance translators.
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The ultimate purpose of the session is to outline the general structure of a successful freelancing career.

Before a lengthy car trip, we do a lot of things: consult the weather forecast, fill in the window washer tank, and, primarily, plan the route choosing roads, taking note of places to avoid, booking hotels on the way... And it's merely a car trip. Delayed arrival is about the worst that can happen to us. It's but logical that, before starting as a freelancer, we should learn as much as possible about the road we'll be traveling along.

This session is intended for those who consider starting or have recently started their freelance careers. We'll discuss the typical stages of the career development focusing on general aims, goals and milestones characteristic for each stage as well as ways and methods of reaching these aims, goals and targets.

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May 20, 2009

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Oleg rudavin - Interpreter and translator with over 20 years’ experience. member since 2003, Professional Trainer and Conference Speaker. Translator of more than 30 books and seven authored books, including Internet Freelancing: Practical Guide for Translators.

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