Everything You Need to Improve your Quality System Now! (Part 2)


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Learning Objectives

Attendants will understand what the main risks are
They will be able to define and implement their own risk management system
They will know how to implement a quality assurance system for their business


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The second part of this course on Quality Assurance focuses on (Mis)Translation Risk Management. To understand translation risk, it must be understood that there is no such thing as a perfect translation. Professional human translators are able to minimize this loss but, being human, they are also capable of producing errors of omission and misunderstanding. When choosing strategies to reduce translation costs, it is of utmost importance to understand the specifics of the risks involved and how they can be mitigated. The risk associated with each translation is the product of the severity of the consequences and the probability of an unredeemable problem arising (this will vary with different types of documents). To mitigate the risks, it is advised to use more reliable translation services and/or request independent review & use a Quality Assurance System. No policy will totally eliminate risk but it is obvious that proactive risk assessment and knowledge of your options will lower costs and help you to sleep better.

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February 21, 2013

Trainer Bio

Anne-Charlotte PERRIGAUD - Anne-Charlotte Perrigaud is a highly successful and experienced Senior Translator and Project Manager. She has eight years of experience as a freelance translator from English into French with her online consultancy, E-FRENCHTRANSLATIONS. Since joining Proz.com in May 2002, she has made full use of Proz.com to boost her income and build long-term relationships with clients and colleague alike. She specializes in Business, IT, Software Localization, Marketing and Business Communications. She holds an MA in French and English Translation (University of London) and has a BA in English Studies (Paris IV – Sorbonne). Before working as a translator she worked in-house for a French NGO based in Paris as a Junior Translator, Proofreader and Webmaster. During this time, she specialized in IT, Computers, Localization and CAT Tools. She is a member of the SFT and is a member of the Astradul Alumni Network. She had previously served as a Bank Employee for Thomas Cook Bankers France. A regular attendant to Proz.com online and offline events and conferences, Anne-Charlotte has extensive training in English > French Translation and Interpreting Skills and has an in-depth knowledge of the language industry. She now runs a very successful freelance translation business, and works as a Senior Linguist and Consultant with both agencies and direct clients. Her background in the banking industry has given her valuable knowledge and experience in the business and marketing fields. Web site: http://www.e-frenchtranslations.com/ ProZ.com profile: Anne-Charlotte PERRIGAUD

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