How to become a freelance translator for translation agencies worldwide


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Learning Objectives

In this course you will learn how to:

  • set up your own freelance translators office
  • fulfil all legal, financial and tax requirements for running your office successfully
  • increase the use of your specific language combination as a translator and/or writer
  • apply and receive jobs from translation agencies
  • manage small or large projects
  • increase your income
  • Description

    A training course for establishing your translation business as a freelance translator for translation agencies worldwide. You learn how to fulfill legal, financial and cultural requirements, how to use your ProZ's web presence and ProZ's Blueboard with international agencies and how to apply the correct business communication and documentation.
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    In 75 minutes plus 15 minutes question time, learn how to become a successful freelance translator for translation agencies worldwide.

    In this webinar you will learn how to build up your own freelance translators office, how to fulfil your tax and legal requirements for business efficiently, how to correctly apply to the translation agencies worldwide, using the correct business communication in order to receive job enquiries from translation agencies worldwide to increase your income quickly, using an efficient method of project management to make sure things run smoothly.

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    August 06, 2014

    Trainer Bio

    Beatrix Mett MA MCIL - Since 2014 I am a committee member of the management committee of the Translation Division, Chartered Institute of Linguists. In 2010 I have obtained the certificate of the BS EN Standard 15038 for providing high-quality proof-read translation projects from English into German. In 2012 I have obtained the certificate of the BS EN Standard 15038 for providing high-quality proof-read translation projects from German into English. I have been a trainer in translation on a long distance course for NEC in Cambridge, UK. I work for more than 14 years as a freelance translator from my office. My area of specialisation for precise and accurate translated documents from English to German is business and law, including patents, sales contracts, product descriptions, manuals. For more information with regard to project management please click on the Projects link on my website I held my latest seminar “Two hearts in one mind” - Prospects for language graduates in comparison with monolingual graduates in the UK, in Kings College, Strand in London

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    over 5 years ago

    The course is very interesting and satisfactory in each of its part.

    about 6 years ago

    I guess that this presentation can be summarized as an advice to be professional in everything you do, which really has nothing to do specifically with being a freelance translator. Anyone who has worked behind a computer, in an office environment in the last 5 years is going to learn nothing new in this video course. Anyone who wants to be a freelance translator and hasn't come up with the information in this video just by consulting their own common sense, good luck... So, I'm sorry to say that frankly this was very disappointing and a waste of my money. Includes definitions from Wikipedia on 'The Mobile Phone', the benefits of a mobile phone, 'the Fax' (really?!) and explains that your website is online and accessible all of the time, wow! Tells the story of a newbee translator traveling to London by train to find that Piccadilly Circus is closed and the translation agency he/she wanted to visit cannot be reached. Seems to me that if they had a meeting planned they would have simply agreed to meet somewhere else or rescheduled the meeting?? This doesn't make any sense.

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