Making a Super-Effective Cover Letter for a Translator


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Learning Objectives

After this webinar you will:

- Have a clear understanding of how to communicate with your potential customers so that to get more new projects

- Know how to improve your Email Marketing

- Know how to get more positive responses from new clients

- Learn how to get fantastic results from submitting quotes on

- Learn how to show your expertise in the course of email communication and add personality to your application

- Know how to make the right first impression on the client so that they trust the translation job to you.

Featured live session: Fearless Direct Client Marketing.

March 16, 2021
Join experienced trainer, expert translator and distinguished industry leader Corinne McKay for an incredible workshop packed with value that will help boost your career! For more information click here:


Learn to make professional cover letters which will bring you more projects and new clients. You will receive step-by-step techniques which will improve your email marketing and communication with potential clients as soon as you return to the workplace.
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In one hour learn how to increase the effectiveness of your Email Marketing when searching for new clients and replying to job posts on Today, in the age of digital job hunting, you have got only one chance to make first impression. So, learn how to make cover letters which will help you stand out from your competitors, present your skills in a professional manner, add personality to your application and as a result fantastically increase the number of replies to your applications from the potential customers.

Upload Date

July 15, 2015

Trainer Bio

Anastasia Kozhukhova - Анастасия Кожухова - дипломированный переводчик английского и немецкого языков. Работает с такими тематиками как юридический и маркетинговый перевод, а также перевод вебсайтов. Сотрудничает с прямыми отечественными и зарубежными заказчиками, а также с зарубежными бюро переводов. Работает в партнерстве с маркетологами из Великобритании. Является членом Союза переводчиков России, сертифицированным переводчиком (Certified PRO Network), а также членом ассоциации IAPTI (International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters). Анастасия углубленно изучает маркетинг и последние тенденции в продвижении бизнеса, активно применяет новые знания и навыки в поиске и сотрудничестве с заказчиками перевода, благодаря чему за полгода смогла увеличить свой доход от переводов в 11 раз. Кроме того, Анастасия проводит собственные тренинги и индивидуальные консультации по маркетингу, созданию сайтов и личному брендингу для переводчиков. Anastasia Kozhukhova is certified English to Russian Legal, Marketing and Website Translator. Member of Union of the Translators of Russia, Member of Certified PRO Network and IAPTI (International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters). By cooperating with high-end clients from various countries and working in partnership with Marketing Experts from Great Britain, she learns a lot about international Marketing and current business tendencies which she actively uses in her translation business. Moreover, Anastasia conducts her own business trainings and individual consultations for translators, helping them increase their income and become really appreciated professionals.

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Nikki van Leeuwen
11 months ago

Extremely helpful. Just what I needed at a moment where I got tired of sending out proposals (and thus sloppy- oops!). Definitely worth spending more time on them for good clients.

Sherif Ramadan
about 4 years ago

Thank you.
I will reflect on how I am writing my cover letters from now on.

Evgeni Kushch
over 4 years ago

Clear and well-structured introduction into how to make a cover letter. Will definitely change my approach to cover letter management. Anastasia is a great teacher. Highly recommended!

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