How to convert E-Books into translatable format


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Learning Objectives

• E-Book types and compatibility
• Making E-Books translatable
• Re-conversion into the original E-Book format


Learn how to convert E-Books into translatable formats or formats you may process with a CAT-Tool by using sigil - The EPUB Editor and calibre - E-book management. Process your files in your favorite CAT-Tool or manually and convert the E-Book back into its original format for delivery. Have you ever had a request you had to decline because it was in a format you could not handle? Do you often have requests that involve a CAT-Tool you don’t own yet? This two-session bundle suggest solutions in order to handle “exotic” formats such as E-Books and tips in order to handle data that has been processed or shall be processed by another CAT-Tool. The variety of formats we can handle adds to our skills and provides greater flexibility in processing a larger range of data. Make your clients happy and (potentially) never miss a project again because of its format!
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Have you ever had a translation request concerning an E-Book but had to turn it down due to its difficult to handle format? Find out how to convert E-Books into translatable format, translate and proofread them and then convert them back into their original format! Course program:

• E-Book file types available
• E-Book compatibility with certain devices
• Conversion from one format into another
• Using sigil - The EPUB Editor
• Using calibre - E-book management
• Conversion into the final E-Book format

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January 22, 2014

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Irene Koukia - Irene Koukia is a freelance Translator, Trainer and Business Coach. She used to be an International Travel Consultant since 1989, working for many international companies as a Branch Manager. She also used to be a German teacher in her free time. Irene has also taught for two semesters at IEK Naxos in the Hotel F&B Department, providing students with theoretical and practical skills in Tourism. In September 2008 she changed her career to follow the job she always wanted: Translation. Since Irene had no other relation to Translation, she managed to grow her business successfully on her own, using and implementing managerial and marketing skills obtained during her former occupation. She obtained her certificate in Translation in 2010 and became a certified Business Coach in 2015. She is currently studying Business Administration at the Hellenic Open University. After a lot of study and efforts, she is making a living as a Freelance Translator, working with a large number of clients and linguists all over the world, as well as a Tutor at Metafrasi School of Translation.

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