How to Convert Native-Format TMs and TermBases from One CAT Tool into Another (SDL Trados Studio/Wordfast/memoQ)


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Learning Objectives

You will learn how to deal with all major TM and TermBase formats and how you can convert them from SDL Trados to Wordfast-PRO and MemoQ 2015 by using the TMX-format and vice-versa. Matching with different TMs formats will no longer be an issue for you!


Getting to know the TMX standard format required for any TMs conversions. Getting to know TBX standard format needed for DataBese (Glossaries) conversions . Getting to know tricks and shortcuts to better achieve your goals.
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In case you are required to work with two different CAT TOOLs (Trados/Wordfast/MemoQ) you will need to know how to convert TMs and TermBases (Glossaries) from one format into another one. By following this 120 minutes webinar you will find out how to do it quickly and easily.

Training plan:
  • Creating TMs for each CAT TOOL (SDL Trados Studio / Wordfast-PRO / MemoQ 2015)
  • Converting each native-format TM into the TMX standard format
  • Converting TMX standard format TM into native-format TMs for each CAT TOOL (SDL Trados Studio / Wordfast-PRO / MemoQ 2015)
  • Creating TermBases for each CAT TOOL
  • Importing and exporting terms form Excel native-format TermaBase files
  • Converting TBX standard format TermBase into native-format TermBases for each CAT TOOL (SDL Trados Studio / Wordfast-PRO / memoQ 2015)

Upload Date

September 15, 2016

Trainer Bio

Paolo Sebastiani - Paolo Sebastiani is an English-Italian, French-Italian and German-Italian Professional Translator with over 15 years of experience in Italy and abroad. He obtained his first University degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Urbino in 1991 and his second University degree in Political Studies, at the same University in the year 2000. He founded his Translation Agency, Eurolingua, in 1994 and since then has been working as translator, interpreter and Cat-Tool official Trainer. He has organized many in-person training courses about Wordfast, SDL Trados and Atril Dejavu in different Italian towns and as a Professional Trainer, has run many Wordfast-PRO, Wordfast-Classic and Wordfast-Anywhere training sessions for progressive knowledge acquisition with excellent feedbacks. Paolo lives in Rimini, Italy

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