Website Localization - One of the Primary Tools for Business Global Expansion


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In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • How localized websites can help businesses reach a new audience, build credibility and increase revenue.
  • Factors involved: linguistic, cultural and marketing knowledge + programming expertise
  • Localization as team work – key personnel involved in the process
  • Content extraction and translation; using CAT tools for website content
  • Important details to give extra attention to in the localization process (local format for date/time, address, phone numbers, geographic examples, context)

Upload Date

March 19, 2014

Trainer Bio

Florin Ular - English and Romanian licensed philologist, language teacher and translator, with an additional postgraduate academic degree in Applied Informatics and Computer Programming. The expertise acquired through previous professional experience in the fields of language teaching, information technology and business management represented the basis for my future career as a professional freelance linguist and localization specialist in areas such as software and hardware products, localization of websites and video games, online and offline marketing and advertising, transcreation, review and editing. My career as a full-time freelancer started 9 years ago and is currently based on long-term collaboration with major business names in these fields, as well as with various institutions of the European Union, schools and universities, and private clients.

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Sara Romero Mira
8 months ago

I can see the value of this video back in 2014, but unfortunately it's already too outdated for 2020. It also doesn't explain how to extract content from websites.

Jack den Haan
almost 2 years ago

I found the fourth point in the above description of this webinar ("Content extraction and translation") to be somewhat confusing and expected information on website extraction tools, also known as scrapers or content grabbers.

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