Tips for Technical Translations


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Learning Objectives

The student will get information on;
• searching skills,
• recommended software and hardware,
• reference documentation,
• advice for quality control,
• pitfalls to avoid.
The student will hone their translation and document preparation skills at gain an appreciation of the specific difficulties of technical translations and how to overcome these.
Examples will be taken from aeronautics, the electrical industry, the automotive industry.


Should I take this assignment? What tools do need? Where can I find the information I need? What to look out for so that I can produce a high-quality technical translation?
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Technical translation requires a variety of skills: Discrimination, background knowledge, term searching abilities, document layout, quality control, proof-reading, computing skills. It is also hard work. We shall explore these areas in this webinar and try to provide assistance in how to search for obscure items, how to select terms, specialized language, reference documents and recommended software and hardware. The advantages and disadvantages of CAT tools and why you must think twice before accepting machine translation assignments. Traps to avoid and dos and don’ts.

Upload Date

April 27, 2015

Trainer Bio

merlrennes - James Brian Mitchell has published over 120 scientific papers and is the co-author of a textbook on Experimental Physics. He is also the holder of patents in the automotive and oil industries. As a Professor of Physics in Canada and France, he has given over 80 invited scientific presentations at conferences and Universities in North America, Europe and the Middle East. He translates patent reports, patents, technical manuals, technical specifications and scientific theses and journal articles.

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